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Pharmacopœia Bateana: or, Bate's Dispensatory.

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George Bate

translated from the second edition of the Latin copy, published by Mr. James Shipton. Containing his choice and select recipe’s, their names, compositions, preparations, vertues, uses and doses, as they are applicable to the whole practice of physick and chyrurgery: the Arcana Goddardiana, and their recipe’s intersperst in their proper places, which are almost all wanting in the Latin copy. Compleated with above five hundred chymical processes; and their explications at large, various observations thereon, and a rationale upon each process. To which are added in this English edition, Goddard’s drops, Russel’s pouder, and the emplastrum febrifugum: those so much fam’d in the world; as also several other preparations from the Collectanea chymica, and other good authors.
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[16], 965, [19] p., plate
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