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Crime and Punishment - Primary

All things gory and grisly attracted the teachers of Knoplaw Primary School to subject their Year 4 pupils to a topic on 'Crime and Punishment'. Their choice was not misplaced for pupils of all ages find a terrifying fascination with crime and punishments in days gone by. The topic was inspired by the Bewick engravings collected by the Pease family and now part of the Newcastle Collection.

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Thomas Bewick - Primary

Thomas Bewick has a deservedly fine reputation as one of the world's leading engravers. His work shows an exquisite eye for fine detail which provides a fascination for children of all ages. St Catherine's chose this as their topic both as a stimulus to their own art work as well as studying the life of the great man.

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Quayside - Heart of the City - Primary

The Quayside is a rich source of evidence about Newcastle in former times. A place of prosperity before it declined into a warren of slums. St Theresa’s school found the subject fascinating presenting, as it did, opportunities to explore at first hand.

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Medicine- Secondary

The topic of medicine provides an introduction to the Thomlinson’s collection Wade your way through the blood and gore of an eighteenth century doctor. Prepare yourself for the horrors ahead!

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Civil War - Secondary

This topic draws heavily from the material on the Civil War when Newcastle was embroiled in attacks from the Scottish in support of parliament. The town authorities had remained stubbornly Royalist until they were forced to succumb to the Parliamentary forces. The sources provide a fascinating glimpse into not only the force of events at the time but the stances both sides took in the conflict.

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Taking Liberties in the North East - Secondary

The Heritage Lottery funded exhibition, Taking Liberties in the North East, ran in Newcastle City Library between 24 November 2010 and 30 January 2011 and featured many items from the Newcastle Collection. It focused on the 900-year struggle for democracy in the United Kingdom, paying particular attention to the North East’s contribution to the fight for civil liberties and human rights.

The exhibition also included work by the Taking Liberties Project. This Heritage Lottery funded project provided an opportunity for refugees, migrant workers and asylum-seekers to explore issues of human rights and personal liberty. Participation in the series of workshops contained below enabled group members to find out more about the history of civil rights and democracy in Britain, with particular emphasis on the North East.

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